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About Lauren

- Lauren Dawn Davidson, Author -

Children's author, Lauren Dawn Davidson, published her first children’s book in October 2019.

When Lauren was born in 1999, the doctors suggested to her family to get ready to choose an institution. That she would never learn or live a meaningful life. Born with a severe heart defect, her start in life seemed grim.

Ignoring the advice, her family brought her home, and soon Lauren began to thrive.


In early 2019, Lauren expressed an interest in writing a book. She has always been an avid reader and loves to read to children when she volunteers at camps.

So, Lauren began to write her book; a story that she thought young people would enjoy. She was adamant about the title, Lucy and her Talkative Pets. "A series," she said.

With the support of her family, Lauren’s dream of writing and publishing a book is now a reality.

Lauren is determined to live on her own. To do that, she needs to be as independent as she can be and that includes financially.

Her love of writing and reading to small children lends itself to a wonderful opportunity for Lauren to leverage her strengths.

Lauren strives to be happy, successful, and independent. She hopes her stories will help her attain and sustain her life goals while bringing joy to others.

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