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With the pandemic easing up, Lucy and her talkative pets decide to travel the world.

They visit 11 countries and learn much about the culture and history of each place. 

Of course, Max and Ginger keep things entertaining as they tag along with Lucy.

Other books by Lauren


In the first book in the Lucy and Her Talkative Pets Series, Lucy discovers her imagination comes to life as her pets begin to talk!


Join in on the adventures the dynamic trio encounter!

Perfect for young readers!

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Lucy and Her Talkative Pets decide to visit the zoo to learn about animals on our planet.


As well as being educational and fun, this book holds a special place in Lauren's heart as it's dedicated to her co-workers at her local restaurant.


All the staff embraced and encouraged Lauren to become a valuable asset to their team.


Lucy, Max, and Ginger, continue their chatty adventures together as they are thrilled to meet Santa!


This book touches on the gift of giving to others in a simple, easy to understand, and relatable way.

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A lover of activity books, Lauren decided that she wanted to produce a book to help young children with literacy skills. Reading comprehension was something Lauren worked hard on growing up.


The activity book has word searches, crossword puzzles, colouring and other activities based on her first three books. This book is free with the set!

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Lucy and Her Talkative Pets Defeat the Virus is an uplifting book for children that teaches them about the pandemic.


The main character, Lucy feels sad and isolated because of the pandemic. They soon discover a new way to connect with people and make new friends. Find out how Lucy and her pets tackle the virus to stay happy and connected.


This is Lauren’s fifth book in the Lucy and Her Talkative Pets series!


A portion of the proceeds of this book will be donated to Extend-A-Family Kingston. This organization has gone above and beyond with their quality, learning, and social on-line programming for individuals with special needs.


We just received your books in the mail and loved reading about Lucy's adventures with her talkative pets Max and Ginger. Lauren's books are not only great for young children but entertaining for the whole family. I'm sure that they will become bedtime favourites in our household.

Thanks for sharing your creativity with us Lauren.

 ~ E. Piche ~

Awesome person with a unique look on and zest for life!

~ T. Ostermeier-Bales ~

Lauren is a talented author who brings her experience and love of interesting things to her books. We look forward to hearing more of Lucy and Her Talkative Pets in the future.

~ A. Jacobsen ~

I have read Lauren's book and I found it funny, colourful, teaching, and inclusive. The storyline is easy to follow and makes you relate to real life. I have gotten few copies to share the book with children in my life.

Great gift idea for family, schools or agencies.

~ B. Grazka ~

Lucy and her Talkative Pets Meet Santa is a new favourite in our house! Thank you Lauren for such a wonderful book.

~ A. Biddiscombe ~

We received your book series and enjoyed reading them very much! They are awesome! My favourite parts were in the first book when everyone was singing and dancing in the street.  It made me think of Buddy Choir!  The other really cool thing was in the Virus book when you talked about Lucy’s feelings.  The virus book was really great and educational.  That kind of book is really needed at this time.  Congratulations on your wonderful book series!

~ G. Burnett & V. Nunn ~

I was thrilled to discover Lauren Dawn Davidson following her dreams through her passion for writing and developing children's stories, like me.

Lauren lives in Canada and we did a book swap. Lauren says my story makes her feel “happy” and she “loves the colours and the pictures” by @grainneknox.

Lauren kindly sent me a copy of her latest book in her 'Lucy and Her Talkative Pets' series called 'Defeat the Virus'. It's an insightful and relevant story to help young readers deal with the new circumstances brought about by Coronavirus. I really like how it covers topics such as online learning and socialising as everyone has availed of those throughout lockdowns.

I love the part that says: "They take turns sharing about their weekend or they sing, show their talents, and encourage one another ... Lucy feels happy and that she belongs" because this sense of belonging and encouragement and sharing of one another's talents is also a theme of my book. So, we seem to be on the same page! We are both following our dreams and we encourage you to do the same!

~ Esther Robinson, Award-winning Author ~

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